Welsh Language Certificate

Presentation of 2016 certificates by Alun Davies AM, at the National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny.

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What is the Welsh Language Skills Certificate?


The Tystysgrif Sgiliau Iaith (Welsh Language Skills Certificate) has been developed to enable students studying in Wales to gain an additional qualification (accredited by the WJEC) which demonstrates that they have the necessary language skills to work through the medium of Welsh. Many employers are backing the Certificate.

When applying for jobs, applicants who have succeeded in the assessments will have proof of:

  • Welsh language skills (evidence recognised by the higher education sector and employers)
  • The ability to work in a confident and professional manner through the medium of Welsh, in a variety of environments and contexts.

In order to gain the Certificate, candidates must successfully complete an oral presentation task and written test. The written test consists of 3 tasks.


Who can apply?

The assessments are open to all university students, from all subject areas.

If you have been awarded a scholarship by the Coleg, you must apply for the Certificate before the end of your course.

The Certificate was introduced in 2013. 34 students successfully completed the tasks and were therefore awarded the Certificate. The number of yearly candidates has since increased significantly. This year (2017) the Certificate was awarded to 230 successful candidates.

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